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January 22nd, 2001, I was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. Naturally, people around me spoke English, resulting in my early speaking and language to be English. Eventually, my family moved to Finland where I learned Finnish, this became my mother tongue. Just about 8 years later my family once again moved aboard. This time to Taiwan, where I spoke English all the time. Over the time at Taipei, I even learned the basics of Chinese, so I could understand and speak it. During my life, the variety of cultures really helped mold my language to what it is today. An accent is generally described as the way someone pronounces words. My accent has affected me especially when I was young. I was mainly around non-native speakers of the English…show more content…
This is the use of words that consist of two words, interconnected with an apostrophe. For example, words that I use are can’t, won’t, we’re and shouldn’t. Colloquial language is a part of my day to day vocabulary, even though it cannot be used in formal writing. Politeness in language is an interesting part of my language profile. This is the way you will address an issue or statement to another person. If around someone I know personally, I will use Bold on record politeness, I will straight up tell them my opinion. Even though when communicating with people I am not so comfortable around, or people of the opposing sex, I will use off record politeness. This is when I attempt to hint my message to the person without directly saying it. When I have lived in many different languages, environments, and cultures, I have learned many different languages making me bilingual. A person is bilingual when they can speak and write in more than one language effectively. In my case I can speak English, Finnish, Chinese, Swedish, and a bit of german. Also, I can write in English, Finnish, and Chinese. Most fluent I am with English and Finnish, but can communicate in Chinese

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