Two Different Types Of Friends Essay

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Types of Friends Friends are extraordinary people, they keep us from being lonely and they have the ability to brighten up our mood. For the most part, humans are very social creatures and they like interacting with one another. This interaction is what creates friendships and bonds that could potentially last a lifetime. People we like are considered friends, while people we dislike are considered foes. There are many types of friends that an individual can come across with during its lifetime. It is no surprise that different people have different personalities and characteristics. These differentialities can determine how well we communicate or “click” with someone. There are people that for one reason or another we just don't get along with, there is no mutual connection for a friendship to arise. While other times, we “click” with someone almost instantly and we are able to talk to them about anything. We tend to categorize our types of friends by the intensity of the friendship, we have either acquaintances, “in the…show more content…
These people are usually friends for a lifetime. They are reliable people and the ones you go to for advice or help with a problem. You speak to them everyday or very often. They are the type of friends that bring you the most happiness. They will never do anything to intentionally hurt you and are the ones who look out for you. They are almost considered family and they carry meaningful qualities. They are very important to us and since we share personal information with them, they know a lot of our profound secrets. They protect us in a way no other friend ever could. For example, they will tell us how things are, not to make us feel bad, but to support us and to make sure we are not doing anything that could potentially hurt us in the long run. They know the good and bad side of you and could definitely tell when something is wrong. Your immediate family usually knows them very well and trusts
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