Personal Essay: Enjoy Happiness In Life

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Enjoy Happiness
Throughout life, there have been various forms or opinions about what makes a person happy or not. The forms about how to be happy, always results in controversies since each person is different and for that reason, each person finds their happiness differently. Happiness is a state of mind where there is a very strong satisfaction. Happiness is understood and achieved in different ways because in order to have happiness in life one must first be happy. Being happy is when a person feels comfortable, contented, pleased or even relaxed. The term happiness can be defined as the satisfaction of achieving goals. Most people who achieve their objectives or goals in life can be considered the happiest people. Since getting what is sometimes said to be unattainable or almost impossible to achieve, that is one of the greatest satisfactions that anyone can achieve. When someone make a purpose, something like going on a trip to another country and finally achieves it, it is said that this person is full of happiness since that person achieved his purpose.
A person who considers himself unhappy is for the failure to meet his desires in life. This type of people are commonly people who are under a lot of stress, preventing
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Many people who do not have money, one of their greatest desires is to have money to buy an infinity of things and in that way they would be happier because they would not have shortages or limitations of material goods. However, some people who have money consider themselves to be unhappy people because happiness is not something that is bought, rather it is something that is earned and achieved. Also, the love is relate with happiness because when someone is in love, that person is contented, pleasant and comfortable the feelings that make someone happy. According with studies, the people that is happy the majority of the time is more propense to live more that the people
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