Personal Essay: Golf Game Analysis

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In one of my softball games my freshman year we had begun to practice before the game and I had been put at third base in the game. During warm-up/ practice the coach had been hitting balls in consecutive order. The first ball it to me, I missed, my teammates said “It’s okay Cassidy, take another one!” So, I asked my coach for another one, I fumbled with that ball. They replied with “Don’t worry about it Cassidy! Next one is yours!” I had asked my coach for the third ball and as it was coming to me I bent to scoop it you and I tripped over my own shoes. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated, I didn’t think the coach would put me in the game due to my mistakes at practice. But when the game started he announced our positions and he still had…show more content…
My golf team throughout the past years has consisted of 4-5 girls, which compared to every other team at this school is pretty small. But I believe that on this small team, we were able to create stronger relationships through helping each other when we were going through a rough day and we just couldn’t attain the shot right or missed the ball. With this small team, we usually split into pairs or two- three which helped increase our companionships with each other as well as uplift our moods and even enhance our playing skills when we were able to work one on one with each other sharing different skills that we either knew or learned from another teammate. This was also relevant in my Snowflake/Snowball experiences as both a leader and participant. Going to snowball and snowflake helped take down the barriers that kept us from being ourselves around others except our friends, which helped create more friendships/ acquaintanceships as well. As a freshman surrounded by upperclassmen on my sports and in my groups at snowball helped me become more confident in myself and my actions when it all seemed to be too much. Being a leader helped me be able to be that upperclassman to others who left the same way as I did as a
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