Personal Essay: Good Things Take Time

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They say: “Good things take time”, but in my opinion, bad things take time. Let’s take my life as an example. Like most people, I had a trivial start. Born in a middle-income family, luckier than some other kids, I have full parents. It seemed like my life would be nothing outstanding. They had set my future before I came to life. Going to school, taking tests, going to college, making money, building a family. Most of the kids at my age and in the country I live were all directed to follow that path. A safe one, I guarantee. But when it comes to reality, things don’t always happen as planned. Obviously, I still grew up and went to school. My parents understand that knowing another language will be a good supporting tool for my career in the future, so when I was seven, they sent me to an English center. From then on, I’ve been learning English for ten…show more content…
It supposed to be my leisure years because I had already known where I went to. However, my family compelled me to take tests at a gifted school, moreover, what they learned was beyond my knowledge and my ability. So one thing deviated from the safe path: studying in a good secondary school. In the end, I was in the middle school that I knew I would go. Certainly, it was still a good one, but it wasn’t what my family expected. But if you ask me what school I preferred, it will be the school I learned, graduated from, thanks to it, I went to the high school that I want. It looked like I was getting back to the path my family chose but contrary to their prediction, something else happened. At that time, I was about to turn 17. I used to study Chemistry quite well but in the second year of high school, the curriculum became increasingly difficult, and my tutor quit her job. My academic performance deteriorated, and on the final exam, I began to feel panic. I brought my phone to the examination room and used it during exam
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