Personal Essay: Growing Up On A Dairy Farm

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When you grow up on a dairy farm, you learn alot of life lessons at a very young age, and even if you don't realise that you have learnt them at the time you will carry them with you and they will benefit you for the rest of your life. Here are some of the lessons that I have learned growing up on a farm that I think are the most important.

One of the first things that you will learn on a farm is that a solid work ethic is an essential part of your attitude for whatever you do, if you want to be successful. On the farm when we were growing up we would see our dad leaving to go to work at 4 AM and sometimes he would get back home at as late as eight o'clock at night if things were not going his way. As we got older, in our school holidays and weekends, we were expected to do the same thing, because sitting on the couch
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On a dairy farm on any given day you can experience the highs of welcoming a new bourne calf into the world or the lows when your favorite cow gets sick or injured and then has to die for its own good. Most kids, growing up experience the death of a pet but kids who grow up on dairy farms get to see the entire circle from birth, through raising, then to death, but along with this they also learn that when they get up the next morning they need to get over it and push on with whatever needs doing regardless of what happened yesterday because the world will not spinning just because you have had a bad day.
Dairy farming is a job, that you can only do, if you love it and this means that it is possible to combine your passion and your paycheck because there are alot of farmers out there. Far too many people these days are lost in their careers. They are stuck in jobs that they don't like, and they are working in an industry that they couldn't care less about. Most farmers do what they do because they have a passion for farming and because it is a very rewarding
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