Reflective Essay: Have You Ever Feel Different?

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Have you ever felt different? Growing up, I always felt out of place. I felt like there was something wrong with me. I thought of myself as an outsider. I would look at everyone around me and try to figure out what they have that I don’t. As I got older, I realized that everyone is different and unique in their own way. Everyone has a different story.

When I was younger, I was very happy. I didn’t pay much attention to anything around me. I think the only three things I cared about were eating, sleeping, and playing. Over time, I grew up and became aware of my surroundings. I became very observant of everyone around me. I liked to watch everyone and how they did certain things. By doing this, it made me compare myself to others. With social
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I didn’t feel like going on Instagram anymore, yet alone doing anything. I stopped going on Instagram for a while, because it made me feel overwhelmed. I thought I wasn’t good enough and I felt invisible to everyone around me. There would be times I would cry myself to sleep and wake up like nothing ever happened. I couldn’t go out and do normal things that I used to do. I would still go to school, but it was hard. Everyday just felt like it was repeating over and over again. It felt like my life was taken away from me and I couldn’t do anything about…show more content…
I realized that there was nothing wrong with me. I didn’t need to try and fit in with everyone else. Everyone is different and everyone has their own story. No one is exactly the same. If people did everything the same way and looked exactly the same, then the world would be a boring place. I never tried to fit in anymore, but instead I wanted to stand out. I learned to love myself for who I am and accept that I am different from everyone else. I am different and that’s okay, because everyone is different and unique in their own way. Everyone has a different

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