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Having a family is a gift that many take for granted. It is my belief that the people who love, support and guide you are your true family. Family is a unit of people who are there for one another unconditionally. An unique bond is forged between people in life. These people, in my eyes, are the definition of family. I believe family consists of much more than just a connection by blood. Family is a closeness, a love and a gift.
I have had the extreme privilege to belong to what I consider to be the most supportive, intense, loyal and disciplined family in existence. The family i speak of is not of a blood relation, we are brothers and sisters in athletics. Our bond is unbreakable; our spirits are made stronger by one another. We train hard
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I believe that the use of honesty, no matter how painful, is always the best course of action. Dependability, to me, is by far one of the most important traits for a family to posses. Knowing that someone is there for me is a constant comfort. Feeling the strength that comes from knowing that someone supports you has a hush impact on one's self esteem. Another important characteristic of a family is unconditional love.To love unconditionally is one of the truest gifts one can give. To receive unconditional love is an indescribable feeling. To know you are loved and valued despite what happens is a feeling that I would never want to live without feeling at least…show more content…
I began on my athletic path when I was five years old. My family has always been supportive of my athletic choices. They have encouraged me to pursue my interest in multiple sports. I knew that I wanted to continue on with sports while in college. I conditioned all year; I trained with extreme discipline. I knew what it would take to excel, and I sacrificed willingly. I knew I would make it to play in college level sports. Then it happened; in an instant everything changed. I was hit on the field during a play. I suffered a severe knee injury, and I was told i was done for the rest of the season. The doctors also said I was out for the wrestling season as well. I refused to give in. I worked harder than i ever had to prove that i could wrestle despite my injury. With my parents blessing, I postponed surgery to compete with my team. My family. I gave my all to my team and my coach. I entered and left the mat in pain each match. Seeing the pride that filled my coach kept me focused. As a leader, I did this with enormous pride, and the extreme satisfaction knowing that I had put forth my very best to set a positive example. Not only for my team, but for other injured athletes. I learned a very important life lesson during my senior year. This lesson showed me that no matter how black and white things appear, everything is subject to change. At any moment we can be placed onto another, unfamiliar path. My path was altered, but I did not let it

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