Personal Essay: How Adversity Have Impacted My Life

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Adversity has touched my life in a number of ways, but something that I have continued to struggle with over the past two months is a concussion. On November 8th, 2017, I was kicked in the head during a high school soccer playoff game. The kick made me feel dizzy, and although I played the rest of that game, I had to visit my doctor soon after. My doctor told me to sit out the rest of the soccer season and I watched as my team struggled in the state finals, ultimately losing. The first guess for my complete recovery was mid December. I was excited and relieved because that would be just in time for me to compete for club volleyball without having to miss any practices or tournaments. Yet mid December came and went with little change in my symptoms…show more content…
Eventually, my neurologist strongly recommended that I drop my last class of the day to reduce my course load. Yet still, my remaining classes constantly use computers for assignments, which result in me taking longer to complete assignments. For lunch, the cafeteria was too loud for me to join. My AP Literature teacher allowed me to stay in her room since it is much quieter. I barely saw any of my friends besides those I had a class with because of the additional time spent with schoolwork in the evenings, resting, and going to medical…show more content…
The sound of our dryer that’s not too far away is distracting me. Any time I get off track it takes me a few minutes to get back into focus, much less remember my train of thought. In comparison however, my symptoms have greatly improved over the last 2 months and I’m starting to believe the worst is behind me. I can go longer periods of time before symptoms return. As an athlete who plays sports year round, an injury can be very frustrating. As a student who is used to quickly getting through homework and excelling in the classroom, at times I have had to take a deep breath and pace myself until the work is

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