How Adversity Has Changed My Life

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Adversity has touched my life in a number of ways, but something that I have continued to struggle with over the past two months is a concussion. On November 8th, 2017, I was kicked in the head during a high school soccer playoff game. The kick made me feel dizzy, and although I played the rest of that game, I had to visit my doctor soon after. My doctor told me to sit out the rest of the soccer season and I watched as my team struggled in the state finals, ultimately losing. The first guess for my complete recovery was mid December. I was excited and relieved because that would be just in time for me to compete for club volleyball without having to miss any practices or tournaments. Yet mid December came and went with little change in my symptoms - headaches, dizziness, and confusion. As college application deadlines loomed, I had to write my college essays with frustration. Words…show more content…
It’s shaped my worldview because I recognize now that if someone is struggling, there may be more going on than I’m aware of that is hindering his or her abilities. It’s made me more compassionate towards those around me. I have been tutoring at my school for three years and find it to be very rewarding. I will continue to “pay it forward” by tutoring in college. I have learned from my own struggling that many things can affect learning and comprehension. Being available to assist others with things they are struggling with is not something that will be limited to just school and classwork but to also include other problems. Many times just being available to listen to others express their worries or concerns is all they need. I know that I will not have all the answers but bring my experiences, values and compassion to each person will help me in my effort to pay it forward. Paying it forward is not a one-time event. This is something I will continue to do my entire
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