Personal Essay: How I Changed My Life In America

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Since I was a little kid I grew up in Mexico a Spanish speaking country where I had lots of friends, and felt happy thinking that my life would never change. But as soon as I turned nine I was facing a different story. When I arrived home from school, my parents told me that we were moving to a new country. I felt sad at first because moving to a new country where they didn't speak my language,and not knowing anybody was tough for me. It meant I was leaving behind everything I worked so hard to accomplish to move to a new place that I needed to start from zero. This was the biggest change in my life that impacted my ability to write ,and gave me two possible paths in writing because I could write in Spanish and English. As I look …show more content…

my first days in my new country were tough because I did not speak the same language making it harder to be able to write and communicate with the people around me. But as soon as I learned the language things got a little bit more easier. My writing improve a lot I went from writing short sentences to paragraphs and to writing complete essays for school. I still remember an accident I had with my English teacher on sophomore year of high school. She made us write an essay about a book call “ to kill a mockingbird”. When I finish reading the whole book I started doing my essay so I could turn it in the next day so she could grade it and give it back to me the following week. Monday came and we started class with a free write reflecting on how good we did on the essay. I wrote that I was confident that I was going to get a seventy on it. But when the teacher give it back to me I saw my grade and got surprises because it had a huge eighty nine percent with a circle around it and a smile face on top saying excellent job. After a minute had pass the teacher call my name and told me that she needed to talk to me,so I went and she told me “ tell me the truth did you copy someone or who help you with it” I told her that I did it myself and that no one help me with it. She say ok go back to your seat but then again call me two times asking me the same question and I answer her the same way as the first time, until she

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