Personal Narrative: My Mistakes In High School

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High school was always a challenge for me, it was really tough to make it through. I made a lot of mistakes in highschool and learned from them. At the beginning of high school it started off great I was passing all of my classes, doing the best I could possibly be doing. I remember making great friends, having good peers, and having people to reach out to if I needed them. I had a really great friend named Emalie she was always the one I could rely on. I also had the greatest childhood friend still named Dakota, that was probably the best thing. Such a long friendship. I had a wonderful step mom who always supported me with everything I did. My father and mother started to work together, I got to spend more time with my father like I wanted to things just seemed like things couldn 't get worse.
As my Freshman year went on around the second trimester, it took a turn I never expected. There was a fight at school
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Through the heartbreak and the good times. I absolutely can say that I have learned several lessons and made hundreds of mistakes. The thing is if I never made those mistakes I would have never learned from them. I learned that my future is not based on others decisions, and I also should not follow their decisions that I should go based off of mine. I learned that nothing is forever as much as you hope it lasts forever. It sadly wont. Time isn 't forever, as one of my favorite childhood author says “How did it get so late so soon? It 's night before it 's afternoon. December is here before it 's June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” (Poem By Dr.Seuss). I have learned that people come and go and that 's always a thing to remember. I have learned that I based my future off of people who never had intentions on being in my future. There are people that are temporary and there are people that are here for a longer
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