Personal Essay: How Reading Changed My Life

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Since I was young, I have been passionate about lending a hand, to a person I felt needed support and this passion helped shape what my future may hold. An event happened that has been instrumental in developing my character and guiding my choices ever since. It was a late summer night and it was almost midnight when my soccer game ended, After the game, I ran into the washroom because I was dying to ease myself. I took an excessive time and missed my ride home; they must have thought I had another ride home. My situation made me become bewildered at what to do next then, I thought to myself on giving my mother a call. My bag was by my side so I reached into my bag for my phone and tried turning it on but, it was unresponsive so I figured my phone battery was dead. At this point, I became fretted which lead me to think about how bad a situation I was in. I was thinking I should have told my ride had to use the washroom, I should have brought money with me, I should have charged my phone, I have to walk home in the rain etc. After I contemplated with myself, I decided to start walking home. While walking…show more content…
My situation was similar to the story of How Reading Changed My Life, by Anna Quindlen. In the story, the author gave a self-reflection on her passion and progression as a reader. Anna was a disconnected child that was loved reading books. Anna genuinely loved reading books for the sake of doing it and she enjoyed it. Reading books was a soul-searching experience for her because reading books brought joy to her, she dedicated her time to read books and she made reading books a part of who she was. She gave stated her memories of what a normal childhood which involved, lifting rocks in the creek, laying pennies on the tracks of the trolley and running to fetch them, etc. But at the end of the day, it was never any
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