Personal Essay: How Softball Has Shaped My Life

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For the last eight years, softball has shaped my life and taught me many things about leadership, sportsmanship, and how to work as a team. Softball has always made me happy, it’s not just the sport that makes me happy, but it’s the place that I get to go and the people that I get to play it with. Every time I’m on the field or in the cages I feel the most content. The softball field and cages are my sanctuary. A softball field is very simple. It has this red tinted dirt, fresh cut green grass, 4 white bases, freshly white chalked lines, and a group of girls that love the game. The softball field is so simple, but yet so beautiful to look at and play on. The cages come along with the softball field as well. The cages or even more simple than the field, all it has is a net, some turf ground, a bucket of …show more content…

As soon as I step on that red dirt all my worries, problems, and thoughts leave for the 2 hours that I am on the field. Softball has meant so much to me because I struggle with school, I’m not artistic, and I can’t really play any instruments, so without softball I wouldn’t have anything. Softball is the one thing I’m good at and I love playing it. When I step on the red dirt with the other eight girls we work together and we put aside our differences for 2 hours. Those two hours with the other girls make softball so much more enjoyable because they love the game as much as I do and it is truly amazing how sports brings people together. People think sports are just sports, but in reality to athletes it’s an escape from life, it’s our second family, and most important we feel like we belong there. Sports make you feel like your apart of something bigger than a team. Softball has been my second family and I have made so many amazing friendships that might last for the rest of life and even if they don’t, I will never forget all my friends or the memories that I have playing ball with

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