Personal Essay: I Believe In Hockey

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This I Believe

When I first stepped onto the rink, I couldn 't believe my eyes. I was playing on the same rink that team USA won the gold medal on in 1980. The greats all were there before me Herb Brooks, Eurozone, Callahan and my favorite Neal Broten. I skated around and took it all in, as I thought what it would be like to win it myself. I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, if you have dedication, skill and leadership toward your dream.

Neal Broten and all the others probably dreamed of this moment, of winning the gold medal. But this dream would not be possible for them if they didn’t have dedication to hockey and their team. And same with me if I hadn’t had any dedication toward my teammates then we wouldn’t have won the championship either. I had been working hard to win the tournament so bad. We were even playing in the 2001 birth year tournament and we were all 2002s. When my team and I were training for this big event, flying to New York and playing on the Miracle on Ice rink, we had one thing on our mind, as did our coaches and that was to win. But to do that we needed to have dedication
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We knew leadership was a big value to be a strong team. So everybody alone kind of started to be mini-leaders, without having to pick captains. During our training toward the tournament we knew that leadership was important but even during the tournament we needed someone to step up at different times. One game we were down and we needed a big goal. We needed a leader to step up and score a goal or get an assist for that goal. The value of leadership is a great value to learn because it makes not only you a good player but it makes your teammates play better too. This value contributes to my game because whenever the team is down I always try to pick them up and be a leader by showing dedication and having skill towards my
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