Personal Essay: Money Can T Buy Happiness

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“Money can’t buy happiness.” You 've probably heard this saying before but paid no attention to it. But these four words can be very powerful. Status also does not make a person happy. The exact definition of happiness is, “a state of well-being and contentment.” Just because someone may have lots of money or be a famous celebrity, they may not be content with what they have and desire even more in life. Therefore happiness is a feeling that you cannot earn by using status or money alone. Happiness is a feeling that is hard to describe, but we have all experienced it before. For instance, I am happiest when I am somewhere peaceful such as the beach or with my friends. At the beach I feel carefree and am able to truly appreciate life and everything that comes of it. When I am upset, however, I know that I can always count on my friends to cheer me up. Another example is from the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. This movie tells the story of an Entrepreneur and his son’s hardships as they lose all their money. From this movie I learned that it 's not what you have that makes you happy,…show more content…
Finally, I believe that money alone does not make a person happy. If a person had no other reason for living than to make money it would make their life basically useless. For instance, many people who are rich can also be happy, however there are still some who let the thought of money control everything they do. This is because as soon as you begin to make a lot of money it is hard to stop and soon instead of doing things that make you happy, all you can think of is working to make more. This considered, however, many rich people are still very happy but not due to money. For example, whenever I receive money for my birthday, of course I am happy. However, it is not because of the money itself, but because the person who gave it to me was very thoughtful and cares for me. This being said I believe that any person can be equally happy whether they are rich, poor, famous, or

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