Personal Essay: Money Doesn T Bring You Happiness?

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Look after Number One
Putting yourself first from time to time is not a matter of being selfish and greedy; it is merely the acknowledgement and appreciation of yourself and what you can offer to the world. We lead such hectic lives that we often forget to look after our most important asset – ourselves. Happiness comes from within; it is a two way street – we can only be truly happy if we take care our own needs as well as those around us. It is important to recognise the effort you give in all your endeavours and by doing so you become a greater person; you will achieve your true self. Furthermore putting yourself first makes you a more attractive and appreciated asset which in-turn will generate a happier you.

It’s Only Money
As the saying goes – “Money doesn’t bring you happiness”. While this statement is very true, some of us need reminding that worrying about money doesn’t bring you happiness either. Try to create a healthier, more positive relationship with money by not focusing on the lack of it; this will only bring stress into your life. Be grateful for what you have and know that money is an energy that will constantly flow in and out of your life. Realize that we are more than just our bank accounts, money doesn’t define the content of our character, we do. Concentrate your energies on the living part of your life
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Happiness starts and ends with you. Nowadays it is a cliché to say – you must love yourself – however this is unquestionably the truth. How can we truly be happy if we don’t? You can choose to start your journey towards a happier future straight away, right now! Concentrate on the present and moving forward, it matters not how your situation was yesterday or even earlier today. Everybody deserves to be the happiest they possible can be. Start immediately, you owe it to yourself; make the changes and become the happier you. It is your

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