Personal Narrative: Moving Away

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The moment I found out I was moving away from my hometown felt like a nightmare. Various thoughts suddenly came rushing through my mind as I thought about how my life was going to change forever. When there were new students in my class, I used to wonder how hard it was for them to completely leave everything behind and move. I never knew that I would eventually be in their position.
I was eleven years old and in my last year of elementary school when I found out about my parents decision to move. I was moving from Brick, New Jersey to Howell, New Jersey. When I told my friends at school, a flood of tears came streaming down their faces. It was very hard for me to leave all my affable friends behind because I had made so many precious memories …show more content…

When I visited Howell Memorial Middle School for an orientation, I was completely shocked. The school was huge, way different from my elementary school. We had large lockers and a separate gym and lunchroom. I started feeling the pressure right away and became more anxious. I finally came to terms that I had to attend that school no matter what. I anticipated that it would be fairly easy to make friends because all the other kids were experiencing a big change as well. However, on the first day of school, I only made a few acquaintances. I felt very disappointed in myself and told myself that tomorrow will be a better day. As a result, I began to socialize more and I had the best friend group anyone could ask for. Moving gave me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and become less timid. This helped me in the long run because I had to move schools a second time. Towards the end of the year, I found out some news that shocked me. I had to be redistricted to a new middle school again because Howell Memorial Middle School, the middle school that I was attending at the time, was being changed into an elementary school. I found myself moving schools for the second time. Most of my friends had to go to Howell Middle school South, while others were redistricted to Howell Middle school North. We were all getting split up and I had to start all over again. However, this made me more sociable because I had experienced moving schools

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