Personal Essay: My Ability To Play Hockey

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Beginning at a very young age I was interested in sports, however my interest towards sports narrowed to mainly one sport once I was ten years old. I loved ice hockey from the moment I began playing and therefore continued until I left high school. Regarding nature versus nurture, my ability to play hockey depended on both genetics and environments and was improved with practice. I began playing hockey when I was ten years old and honestly it was a disaster. My ability to stand up on skates was little to none, but that did not stop me. I believe I was so interested in playing hockey because of the environment I was surrounded by, many kids my age began playing hockey. However, at the time I joined hockey, I quit basketball. Basketball was the sport my parents, siblings, aunts and uncles all played, but for some reason, I chose hockey. I believe my ability to be athletic came from genetics, I was able to strive in areas that required physical work and muscles. On the other hand, my ability to play hockey came from my environment. No one in my family knows how to play hockey, therefore, my repeated exposure to the sport gave me the…show more content…
My genetic ability to be athletic and strive in sports lead me to choose sports as a part of my daily life. The sport I chose became hockey and I surrounded myself in the right practice environment. I went to every ice time, a few hockey schools and even did dry land training. I would not have done any of those if it were not for hockey, I did not enjoy the fact of working out and being active, but my love for the sport made it seem fun. By doing these extra things, it provided me with the ability to excel in hockey even more. On a less specific note, surrounding myself in other sports in off-season also helped me aspire in hockey. With the other sports I played and at-home-work-outs, I never loss my muscle strength or lung capacity to play during the
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