Personal Narrative: My Adventure To Pass

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My adventure to pass. Have you ever wondered if you’ll graduate high school? Have you ever wondered if you’ll pass a certain class within a specific time period? I have multiple times, about all 3 questions. There are times in my life where a certain subject in school gets really rough on me. This year, I have 3 classes that are kind of rough on me. Algebra II, Bio I, and Eng. 10. Those 3 classes I’m almost failing. I am kind of slow at learning new things really fast. I have to go my pace, which is like turtle walking almost. I just want to prove to my family, that I am smart, and can actually do something with my life instead of throwing it all away. Its impacting my life horribly because all I did in Algebra was sleep or not pay attention. But this 9 weeks I need to study!!
Literature Review Some of the problems were, procrastinating when I was doing homework or taking notes. I would fall asleep when she was
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It was a 27.13% last 9 weeks, but this new 9 weeks it dropped way down, to a 12.2 something. It never did increase it just got really worse. The reason why it got worse, is because I never studied for any tests and barely turned in my homework. This 9 weeks, I am determined to get my grades up and keep them up.

Implications This experiment was not successful, because I didn’t take the time to study. I didn’t take the time to actually sit down and ask for help. I didn’t take the time to sit down and do my homework like I was suppose to. I was just being lazy, because of my actions my grades have dropped lower than anything. I have 4 grades I need to get up. I need to try my hardest and very best to get my grades up past a C- if I ever want to graduate high school. This 9 weeks, I actually have been trying to get all my homework and notes done, I have been trying to ask questions, but it just doesn’t look they help out at all. All I know is that I am trying my hardest to keep my grades
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