Personal Essay: My Dad Is Not A Hero

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He is not a hero, he is not immortal, and he does not have any superpowers, but he is not just my dad, he is my best friend he always has been and he always will be. My dad has been there for me whenever he can however he can, even if it 's just calling me whenever he can. My dad doesn 't have some cool government job and he doesn 't own his own business, he’s just a cook at a buffet in Minnesota, but I would love more than anything to be able to work with him just because I would get to hang out with him more. My dad had me when he was eighteen and my mom was only sixteen so they we 're both really young and not really ready to raise a child yet. My mom and dad were never married and eventually ended up separating because of my mom. My moms side of my family moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin a couple of years after I was born, my dad did everything he could to keep me with him when he heard I was moving away. After we moved my mom left to go be a carnie for the next two years, I never really saw her and my grandma wouldn 't let her take me back because she wasn 't…show more content…
I loved my visits to my dad 's house and I still do, my dad has always been very wise and he helped me learn many important qualities, and how to do many important things. Most of the reason I love my dad so much is because he was harsh on me as a child. When I messed up he wouldn 't yell though, he would just explain how what I did was wrong and teach me how to be better. I was always a very patient child, I 'm not sure why or how I got to be that way but my dad made sure I knew he was proud of me. My dad had the hardest time teaching me to chew with my mouth closed and I still do it once in awhile on accident, but he always reminds me when I do. I think the most important thing my dad has taught me is to think everything through, my dad has given me wisdom I never would have found without him. The things he teaches me aren 't the only things that make me love my dad, I also love him because

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