Personal Narrative: My Experience With Diabetes

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My Experience with DIabetes Many people in the United States are plagued with the disease that is Diabetes, according to a study done last year there are approximately 29.1 million people in the United States that currently have diabetes.
So this is where my story begins, in the summer of 2012 my family started to notice a significant change in my health and appearance. I was rapidly losing weight and no one was quite sure why. After two weeks and the disappearance of 30 pounds of weight off my body, my parents decided that it would be a good idea to have me go to the health clinic down the street to get some blood work done to see if it could be diabetes or if i had maybe just started to hit puberty and it was my body changing and adjusting.
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So from that moment on my life had changed in a major way, i had just been told that i now had to deal with something that i could never change and would change the way i lived the rest of my life.
So for 3 days after that i was laid up in a hospital getting taught, educated, and shown all of the routines and procedures i would have to memorize in order to continue living without complications. However these 3 days put me in good standings with the doctors and nurses because they said that most people who have to learn how to manage the disease take at least a week to learn and retain all of the necessary information.
Now since being diagnosed it has been an extremely rough and bumpy road with twists and turns and every available opportunity, from long hospital stays to the high costs of medication problems will always appear. However as i grow older i am learning better ways to control and manage this disease, i will always have this burden to bear but i won’t let it drag me down. So in conclusion i guess you could say that this has been a very stressful experience, but if we did not have these types of events and experiences we would have a very hard time learning how to better ourselves in
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