Personal Essay: My Favorite Place In My School

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There are many places that I visit and spend time at on a regular basis, especially my school. As a student, most of my time is spent studying. However, there are a few places, where I especially like to spend time at. These places are where I get to relax, have fun and even create meaningful memories. To start off, one of my favourite places to spend time at is the living room of my home. This may seem to be an odd place to take a liking for, since there is nothing extraordinary about a living room, other than it being a common place visited as part of our daily grind. However, apart from this, the living room is also a place where I get to spend time with my family and create memories to me. For an instance, on Sunday evenings, when my parents,…show more content…
I think this is my favourite place in the entire school, too. As a member of the school’s Chinese Orchestra, I play the cello. Often, the entire Chinese Orchestra have practice at this music room at a far end of the school, near the physical education office. The room is old, as it is not part of the renovation done, and it is small, barely able to fit the entire orchestra. In addition, we have to sit on plastic chairs that have yellowed over the years and were not very comfortable. However, despite the poor outlook and conditions of this place, practices here were always productive and fun. We get to hone our individual skills and build teamwork within the orchestra as we practise together, constantly striving to improve the standard of our playing. Furthermore, I always have a whale of a time practising with my fellow CCA mates. During breaks, we play pop songs together and fool around with our instruments together. In this music room, I have made wonderful friends and learn many new things, improving the quality of my playing as a cellist. Most of all, I get to enjoy music with my schoolmates. Hence, the music room one of my favourite places I like to spend time
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