Personal Narrative: My Great Uncle Bobby

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My Great Uncle Bobby’s current state of imprisonment might make him a bad candidate for the role, but he actually inspires me very much. His words of wisdom have encouraged me to go for my goals and chase my dreams. He regrets the mistakes he made in his life, even if it is too late to correct them. My uncle remains positive despite his previous bad decisions and luck. He is the reason I will never do drugs or give up in life. I will remember his words during tough times and be inspired to keep going. He is very supportive of me and will be for the rest of his life.
Robert Lenox was born in Pierre, South Dakota and raised in Spirit Lake, Iowa with three sisters, two older and one younger. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he and his family moved around a lot due to his father’s inability to keep a job after his service in the military. Robert’s family life was very rough growing up. His father was not a good role model and the two tended to get into lots of arguments. Their arguments got so bad that Robert’s father didn’t attend his high school graduation. Throughout the course of his parents’ relationship, his parents married, divorced, and remarried.
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He served four years and had some fun times in the military. Robert got onto the Air Force basketball team and billiards team. After getting out of the military, he began doing several different odd jobs such as batting practice pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. He even made it into the team pictures! My uncle was introduced to drugs in Vietnam and sadly continued doing drugs after his time in the Air Force. He has been in and out of prison several times for that reason, and once a few years ago when he was out on parole, he worked at my parents’ hotel during its renovation. He is still in prison in Texas to this day and will most likely not get
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