Personal Essay: My Leadership Philosophy

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MY LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY I have confidence in leading by example and leadership by positive reinforcement. I recognize that success is achieved by communicating and working towards a common vision. For any leadership philosophy to work, it must be easily understood by all. My leadership philosophy and vision on leading my subordinates is basically to emulate Be-Know-Do, which is the Army’s Leadership Model. As a military leader, I take as the gospel truth what the NCO creed says, that the Noncommissioned Officer is “The Backbone of the Army.” I will focus my thoughts on the Army’s Leadership Model of Be-Know-Do. My personal values are to treat everyone the way I want to be treated. I am poised and I do not let things deter me. I am…show more content…
It is my responsibility to ensure that all of my Soldiers maintain their equipment so they are able and prepared to execute under any conditions. It is my duty to influence my Soldier’s mentally, physically and spiritually. Through counseling and evaluations, I am preparing my Soldiers for success in the military and in the civilian world. I expect my Soldiers to live the Army Values and the Warrior Ethos while striving for perfection. Some key points to Be-Know-Do: BE – my strong character as a leader is fundamental to my ability to lead. I have the courage to do what’s right regardless of the circumstances or the consequences. My personal Core Values are in line with the Army’s Values which are: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. KNOW – I have the knowledge and skills set needed to be competent as a leader. I express myself effectively and analyze the facts before making decisions. My four areas of competence are: Interpersonal, Conceptual, Technical and Tactical skills. DO – I am prepared to act as a leader. I set realistic and challenging goals. I will provide purpose, direction and motivation; which involves the three leader actions: Influencing, Operating and
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