Personal Narrative-My Most Adventurous Journey

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My Most Adventurous Holiday It was a warm Thursday afternoon on June 16, 2010. This was the day where the adventure began, the day which I had been dreaming for months. Summer holidays would be the most awaited time of the year. Holidays on the beach, cruises in the ferry or a safari drive in the wild. But this year was something I anticipated all my teenage years, and heard many wild stories about it. It was the first time in my life I was going on a camping trip. Boys scouts or ranger scouts was always something I wanted to do.The scale of excitement was just very high for me. Camping sounded earthly to me, a natural ambience. Living outdoors with the sky as my roof and the ground as my bed. Doesn 't that sound so incredible?…show more content…
We were going to the camping grounds in the dense wood near the Yosemite Forest. The camp site is near the Navaro river. We were all packed and ready to move. My bag and napsack was first in the trunk. I went through my travelling list to make sure I had not forgotten anything. At first, I didn 't realise the amount of gear I needed, until I saw the back of the van. There were coolers filled with food and marinated meat for the barbeque, camping stoves, lanterns, gallons of drinking water, a tent, air matresses, and sleeping bags. That 's when I remembered I have forgotten my weapon, mosquito repelent. I always have bad experiences with insects and I can not afford to let these tiny creatures spoil my ever awaited camping trip. That was alot of stuff for a five day trip, I thought. " Come on, hurry up! You are always delaying us."I shouted at my younger sister. So off we went, mom, dad, brother, two sisters, and ofcourse

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