Internal Medicine Personal Statement

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I was born and brought up in an ordinary family. My passion for Medicine resulted in my career starting in medical school. During my medical school, I went to a medical camp in a rural Indian village where a patient presented to me with itching and shortness of breath following intake of particular type of food. Soon his condition worsened and his blood pressure started dropping. He was diagnosed as anaphylaxis and was given Adrenaline and other medications and his condition improved within a short time. It was a humbling experience to realise that I was able to save the life of a person using the medical training I received. This experience taught me that a Doctor should be able to diagnose a condition as well as take the right action at the right time. For this he should have in depth knowledge and strong foundation about diseases and medicine as a whole. This attracted me to the field of Internal…show more content…
My experiences and strong loving family have instilled these qualities in me. I am looking forward to an Internal Medicine residency program that will expose me to the highest standards of clinical experience and provide me with the expertise needed in Internal Medicine. It would be a great learning experience if I get exposed to colleagues and patients from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Such an environment can help in the exchange of knowledge and ideas. I am seeking this program because it can fulfil my above mentioned academic interests in a friendly atmosphere. I understand that there is no better place in the world to conduct medical research. I believe that I have the skills, empathy and bedside manners that will help me to become a caring and productive physician. I deem that my passion in medicine, clinical and research experience and willingness to work hard can make an immense contribution to your program and to medical community as a
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