Personal Essay: My Pursuit Of Happiness

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This is a personal essay, so I’m going to make this very deep and personal. I may run on a bit, but I’ll do my best. Some content may be unfit for a younger audience, viewer discretion is advised.
My full name is Korbin Allen Plessner. Up until the end of eighth grade I thought I knew what happiness was, it was going to school each day to see the few friends that I had, staying up all night on weekends and seeing the sunrise in the morning then being asked by your mom “why are you up so early?” and saying you didn’t sleep.Playing video games at your friends house even though you were supposed to be studying. Going on short road trips up to the mountains and playing in the snow. Playing with your dogs in the front yard. Life was simple, easy, and fun. Life back then was good. And then time passed.
By the middle of my tenth grade year I knew and still know thoroughly what depression is. When my life started to become less “happy” it was a strange thing to experience. I hadn’t really cared to have a girlfriend until high school. But after some time here, well into my tenth grade year seeing all my friends around me happy in their relationships while I had been single since I moved here. I had started to give up hope on everything. My classes had started getting
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To get out of school, and to start doing things of my own. I am in a constant state of wanting to be acknowledged, recognized, and accepted but I also just want to be just like everybody else. In the sense of having friends that would always have your back, not in the way of keeping up with every trend, and overpriced ripped clothing and shoe that cost an arm to buy. I often don’t keep up with trends. I don’t really like any music produced these days. Most of my favorite songs came out before I was even born. At times I feel like such a social outcast because I’m so different from everybody else, because I don’t give in to big corporations and sell out to be

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