Personal Essay: My School Life In IVE

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It has been a while that I hadn't written an article here, this time is about my school life in IVE(TY).

I have come back to school for about one week. With my broken legs, I was struggling to climb up from stair to stair in IVE campus for the sake of the defer payment affair. It almost exhausted me all of my energy, I was really dead at that moment. What's more worse is that my muscle crump in my leg(sole of right foot), and put me in a really bad situation. I was thinking how even my leg didn't work for me, so I was keep calling on my god for help. Finally, I was barely done my work.
Thanks god!

Missing some lessons on the school open day, it means I had to pay!
For example, I had to deal with the attendance problem with my course leader in ICT department, and explained why I didn't go to school on the school open day,blah blah blah.
What's more annoying me is I had
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My classmate and I decided to hung around inside the room, keep talking a little bit gibberish to them. I was asking them about their background, and what I could do out there. Of course I was greeting them in the beginning to show my kindness.
Initially, I was worrying I can't understand what they are talking about due to their accent. However, the truth is I can clearly listen what they're talking about.
David is come from Canada, and I can understand almost every single word which he said.
Kate is come from Scotland, when she spoke the first sentence, I didn't get it, and I had to ask for her pardon. Maybe she is a British, so I feel a little bit hardship to get with it. But a little while later, I started to understand what she are talking about. If I compare her accent with BBC News reporters accent, her accent is much more easily to understand. I can barely hear what the reporters in BBC news are reporting because of their RP accent. I could understand what the CNN News reporter saying, not every single word, but at least 50%. It's so

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