Personal Essay: My School Life

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My school Life Do you think the time that you spend at school is interesting? unhappy? Or boring? I am going to share with you about my school life. I think my experience at school are better, or more interesting then yours. I think I am a helpful boy. When I was in kindergarten, my friend was playing a toy, but I think he played it with a wrong way, I wanted to help him, so I said” Hey! Don’t play it like this, I will teach you how to play it correctly.” Then I take that toy and played with it. But when I was playing, I didn’t know that my friend hate that I took the toy away, so he bite me. I told my mom that day, my mom realized that I taught my friend in a wrong way, and she taught me that I shouldn’t do that. After that, the teacher didn’t do anything, my mom think she’s a bad teacher, so she let me transfer to the other kindergarten. You can see that I am very glad to help everyone, but I might make them mad when I was a little kid. I turned 3 times school in kindergarten, and it trains me to have a very high adaptability. This high adaptability helps me very much in my lifetime. I have grown up in Hsinchu, but when I was 6…show more content…
There are correct answers, you can think by yourself. I have, and I hope I can have a wonderful time in korrnell, too. joined the basketball team in Korrnell. It’s the first time I join a basketball team, because my old school doesn’t have a basketball team. My friend and I join the national lego contest when the semester began, but we didn’t get a good grade. The perfect future that I can imagine is that I can join the basket ball team in middle school, high school, and college, and be an occupation basketball player. Or I can be a violin teacher, or a basketball coach, and I’d like to be a Lego player. I think, and I hope I can have a very, very wonderful life, not just at school, I mean I hope I can have a entire wonderful life in the
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