Personal Essay: My Thanksgiving Break

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Nate Alwood, 1 12-4-14 Thanksgiving writing An Awesome Break My Thanksgiving break was really fun. I was very busy. First I will tell you about an awesome time I had at my Aunt and Uncles. Secondly I will tell you about my fun experience watching Catching Fire. Finally I will tell you about the cold yet fun day outside. My weekend was as awesome as riding a lion. I went to my aunt and uncles for Thanksgiving. It was as fun as going to Michigan Adventure. I went with my mom, dad, brother, sister, her husband, and my niece. It was awesome. I played basketball with my cousins Bradley and Shane, we played for about 30 min. Then we went inside and ate, we had, rolls, chicken, potatoes, beans and stuffing. After that we talked and then went
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