Personal Essay: My Trip To Florida

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If I could be anywhere right now I would choose to be on the beach in Florida. I would be in Fort Myers Beach, Florida because that is my favorite place to visit in Florida. When I visit Florida I enjoy laying around the pool and going to the beach. Florida is my ideal place for relaxation, it clears my head. I always have a hard time saying goodbye to Florida because I always have such a great time when I visit. I enjoy going to this place because I have been going there since I was a baby and it is like a second home to me. While I am visiting the beach in Florida I will experience the 5 different senses, taste, smell, touch, see, and hear.

The first sense I am going to talk about is what I will see while I am in Florida. While I am lounging at the
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What will I hear while I am at the beach? I will hear a lot of interesting things while I am relaxing on the beach. I like to close my eyes and listen to the waves of the ocean crashing in, I find the ocean waves as a very relaxing sound and it most times puts me to sleep. Not only will I see speed boats and wave runners passing by like I mentioned earlier I will also hear them. I will hear the large engines to the fast speed boats and the soft sound of wave runners speeding by. Sometimes when I am relaxing at the beach I will listen to music. My favorite type of music to listen to while I am at the beach is Country music. Country music is upbeat and happy and most country songs talk about being on the beach or somewhere tropical. The sound of birds chirping is another thing I will hear at the beach. The big groups of seagulls will chirp loudly if someone tries to run after them or if they feel endangered. I enjoy laying around the pool as well, and when I am by the pool I also hear lots of noises. For example at the pool I will hear kids laughing and having a good time. I will also hear the splash of water that the kids make when they jump into the
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