How To Quit A Job Essay

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Never Give Up
In our society, a person is being identified with his occupation only. Immediately after graduating a person must land in job, or less life would definitely be a hell. I have always been a bright student and had passed my masters with distinction grade, but failed to get placed. During the time I had passed out, recession was going on, people were losing jobs. Professionals with years of experience were ready to work for mere salary. If there was opening for 3 position almost 300 people would be waiting in the office. The competition was getting tough and my self esteem was deteriorating as well. Though many of my fellow mates were jobless, I felt more miserable, since my school days not a single day I have been idle; neither had I ever been halted without knowing what next.
I felt hurt and angry. Jobs are not just a way to make a living. Job influences our Self-Image and Social – Image. Without a job you would be named as “Jobless” and this tag made me hopeless. After having attended more than 15 interviews and haven’t received single offer, I decided to quit. My loneliness and depression lead me seek relief through alcohol.
I stopped applying for jobs, I used go out with my jobless friends booze, come home drunk and sleep. This went on for a few months. If any of my family members inquired to me, I would
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Your occupation should give you joy and satisfaction, you must be passionate about your profession, this is what I wanted to share with you, As friend and father I would always be proud of you, in success and failure our family would support you, One final request before making your next move check your mail, bye. All the

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