Personal Essay On Becoming A Physical Therapist Assistant

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P.T.A Application Personal Essay “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that I hold very close to my heart and my beliefs. I love helping others no matter how small or daunting the task. Seeing others benefit from my help is truly rewarding, and provides me with the ultimate feeling of success and happiness. In addition to my overwhelming passion for helping others, becoming further educated is something I believe to be crucial in living a accomplished life. I believe that one can never help another too much, or learn enough. My walk with Christ has also been a major factor in my life. I was blessed enough to participate in a mission trip in which I traveled to Orlando,…show more content…
After extensive research, I decided on that job being a Physical Therapist Assistant. A Physical Therapist Assistant is one job that I feel is often looked over by many. It is a crucial job in the health-field, and one that plays a pivotal role in assuring successful therapeutic rehabilitation of a patient in need. Witnessing one being able to walk with my assistance through therapy after a surgery, or seeing a child being able to play a sport again after therapy would be truly extraordinary. I pride myself on the ability to be patient, understanding, and conscientious. I would have no problem communicating with an elderly patient that may not want to participate in an activity, or one that cannot understand why I prescribed a certain exercise. As the aforementioned described, I have been in many situations with small children, which have sharpened my patience, and communication skills. With all the preceding statements taken into account, I find myself to be a excellent candidate for your program. I eagerly await becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant, and helping all I come in contact with, regardless of age or gender. The opportunity before me is one that I will persevere through and undoubtedly succeed in. Thank you for the opportunity to be in this excellent

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