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Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and one of the most important cities of Latin-American, this city is well known as cultural place for thousands of tourists that come every year, most of its people are polite, and the kind of Spanish that is spoken here is one of the clearest in the world. In addition, this city holds many important events every year, it has a variety of restaurants with food from worldwide and has very interesting museums that we are going to talk later.
Firstly, I am going to talk about the main place to visit in Bogota, without doubts it is “Monserrate”, a mountain located at east of the city, on the top you will find a church where you can see whole city, the view is amazing, hundred percent recommended. You can get the top in three different ways, the first one is using the called in Spanish “teleférico” or in English “cable car”, it is a wagon sustained from a rope. The second way is from a train that passes for a tunnel and then you can enjoy the nature of the mountain until get the top, the price for both ways is around eight dollars, round trip. Finally, the third way is walking around the
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Bogota has various zones where are restaurants with food from different countries like Italy, Mexico, Colombia, United States, France, Peru, Spain and much more with high quality standards. The most popular bar-restaurant in the city is called “Andrés Carne de Res” that actually is not in the city, it is in a near town called “Chía”, although you can find its food in its other restaurants in the city, but the experience is not the same. Some of the most popular zones to go to eat in the city are “La Zona G” y “La Macarena”, the first one is at the north of the city and the second one in the downtown. In addition, it is important to mention that the typical dish of Bogota is the popular “Ajiaco”, a soup made of potatoes and chicken with rice and
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