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Personal Essay I am the second oldest in my foster family, but I lived with my foster grandma. Whenever she needs a fast babysitter she usually asks me to do it and I never have her pay me for doing it. Whenever my family needs help with cleaning or putting something together, I am always there to help. I am the kind of person who likes to put others issues before my own. I grew up by myself until I was eight, but since no one really looked out for me when I was younger, I just feel like I have to look out for everyone else. I can get creative with problem solving with people or an assignment. It’s important to me that I can use classroom skills to help those around me. Being creative does not necessarily have to be artistic work,…show more content…
When I was younger I did not know who my parents were and I always thought I was the only child. Until I was about five was when I had first met my biological mother and my life changed drastically. I had visits with my mother until I was my be six years old then she stopped. Then when I was eight I moved to my fifteenth and last foster family (not home because I moved to my foster mother 's mom 's house when was thirteen and currency still live with them). I had unsupervised weekend visits over my biological sister 's house when I was 9, but I was treated very differently by my bio mother than my other siblings even though I was the youngest. I was issued to family therapy until I was about 11 and then my mother decided to not come anymore that was when i decide to kick her of my life. Growing up in foster homes and meeting my mom at a very young age has made me look at life differently because it helps me be more understanding to others situation and teaches me what not to do others. My favorite subject is science, since my dream career is a being a veterinarian because I have always loved animals and have wanted to somehow work with them. I like to study science because it helps push me toward my goal to become a vet. I think I 'm unique because I not just pursuing my career path for myself, but for those who thought I could get where I am because of my

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