Personal Essay On Good Coaching

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Good Coaching Everyone has experienced coaching or has been coached some time or another in their life. Coaching is visible in all aspects of life; sports, school, jobs, even one’s parents Coaching can change an everyday problem or even change a life. Some people search far and wide to receive the best coaching possible, but in reality the best coaches are right in front of one’s eyes. One does not have to be famous or well known to be a good coach. The best coaches in my life are not big name people and the little recognition they receive does not even compare with how good of a coach they are to me. Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot, once said, “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach the maximum potential.” This is the epitome of what coaching can do for people. In my personal life I feel without being continually coached by my parents I would never in a million years be able to reach my maximum potential. For as long as I can remember my…show more content…
I’ll use my dad for example. He is a great a person most of the time but he can also be a dick. I know when he is acting like a dick he is doing what is best for me. He is helping me reach my maximum potential. He gives things to me straight and with this I know exactly what to improve on because he is a good coach giving me constructive criticism, even if it is not the most pleasing thing to hear. I believe the most important characteristic of a good coach is the ability to listen. Listening is a key step in being the best coach for an individual because coaches have to listen to what people want to do and help those people achieve their dreams. Whether they coach you in math class, tee ball, how to properly deep fry, or even life. These teachers, managers, and parents are the greatest coaches of all time (GOAT”S) because they not only help you live a better life they also help you reach your maximum
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