Skyclad: Paganism

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Skyclad is a word that has one very specific definition. It can be broken down quite simply into the two words of “sky” and “clad”. To be clad means to be wearing something so to be skyclad therefore then means to be clad in nothing but the sky. In other words, it means to worship in the nude. After researching this term I felt quite foolish as I realize now how much of the term is simply contained in the name! Nude worship is not something that is unique to Paganism, however I feel as though Paganism carries a unique connotation in that regards. There is no shortage of literature that connects Paganism to evil or ill intentioned foundations and therefore things society finds unacceptable. To worship nude, especially in groups as many Pagans…show more content…
For one, I quite enjoy the way ritual robes or attire feel. To me, the heavy materials lend a sort of “formal” feeling that helps me leave behind my everyday mindset to one that helps me focus on solely what I'm doing. That is not to say I never plan to worship Skyclad – I imagine Beltane is one such holiday that it fits very appropriately and often feels nice enough outside in my area to make happen! It wouldn't be as much of an issue for me since I am not currently affiliated with a coven or group therefore I have more individual freedom of how I choose to worship on my own time. I do however really like the idea of feeling connected and trusting other people enough to worship so vulnerably. To expose both your spiritual self and your physical self is a large expression of comfort with the group. I feel as though there many be many misconceptions on this word simply because its a word that does not seem to get much circulation outside of Paganism. For myself, I had not yet come across this word in my readings. My best guess associated being skyclad as in being in a separate state of mind or space, such as when deeply meditating or attempting some sort of inner travel. I imagine other students who get this word wrong as well are probably doing so for the same reasons of not having encountered it
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