Personal Journey Of A Literacy Narrative

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A literacy narrative is essentially a personal story of your reading journey, how you became the reader and writer you are to this day. This personal story is important in your journey, not only because it is a statement about who you are, but it explains how you became who you are. As you get older, finding yourself in different groups of people makes it harder to establish yourself as a person in society. For some people, reading and writing is an out, letting them escape into a different reality if they are not all that happy with their actual reality. Other people find themselves to love reading and writing as a child and they grow out of it, becoming more involved with sports and social outings. Whatever the feelings a person has about reading and writing as a whole and how it pertains to their life as an adult—reading and writing had some sort of impact on everybody at some point in their life.
In my personal journey with reading and writing, I have learned to love the art even more every year. I began reading at the early age of three, I could read on an eighth-grade reading level when I was five. I was well above other students' academic levels, starting from early ages. When I
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When I reached the sixth grade, I was reading on a senior in high school level; and my writing had won a couple of school awards. My eighth-grade year, I was entered into the school spelling bee where I placed first; this award granted me a place in the regional spelling bee where I also placed first. I made it all the way to the Scripp's National Spelling Bee which was held in Washington D.C. Sadly, I did not win, I placed thirteenth place and was beyond proud of myself. Academics, mainly reading and writing, helped me beyond measures. Without reading and writing I would not have learned to love school in general and I would not be the exceptional student that I am to this
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