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Receiving education is one of the most important and valued things in my life. Since my youth, I’ve dedicated myself to prospering in school, both academically and socially. I pride myself in the fact that grasping concepts in nearly every subject comes naturally to me, and while I do struggle sometimes, I never lose that drive to learn. I don’t think I ever will, either.
My hard work and success in school may seem surprising to those who know of my background. The environment I grew up in wasn’t necessarily intellectually stimulating; both of my parents only received (some) high school education, so I was never predisposed to any form of higher education, nor the expectations to receive some. On top of that, we lacked the financial support
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If anything, it’s their lack of higher education that made me strive to someday receive it; based on what I’ve been told, I didn’t want to live a similar life to that of my parents. My mother, who never finished high school and is now a nail technician at a local salon, has told me countless times that she hopes I will surpass her achievements by attending college. My father expressed similar views, and both have always been proud of me and what I’ve achieved thus far. The consistent pride expressed from my parents serves as my main drive to always do…show more content…
Currently, my goals include becoming more skillful at Calculus and Physics, as I tend to have a harder time in those classes compared to my other ones. I’ve been working harder and harder to maintain a decent grade, and hopefully by the end of the quarter, I will have a much better grade than the last quarter. I also plan to uphold my participation in the multiple clubs I have membership in; I hope to find more volunteer opportunities and contribute more to the community and my school. It’s important to me that I remain a well-rounded student by succeeding in the classroom and by helping the

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