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Sneakers are everyone's best friend. Its versatility brings both comfort and style for all its users. Most sneakers are unisex, as both women and men have no doubt in wearing them for almost all occasions. The major difference betwen men and women is the amount of the pairs of sneakers that they own. Men consider that having two pairs of sneakers is more than just enough. But, women can easily say that they have no shoes with only two pairs of sneakers!

What's so special about sneakers, anyway? They're just simple shoes with strings and rubber sole. Sneakers bring comfort for everyone, thanks to its lightweight fabric with verr soft sole. The invention of sneakers was merely the right shoes for exercising, in which sneakers for tennis are different with sneakers for
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But, you will agree that choosing green sneakers will delight your performance. Artichoke green is the most suitable color for sneakers which will be the best combination with any color of outfit. The same thing applies to navy green, particularly which apply suede as the main fabric. Navy green sneakers were once popular during the 90's and it turns out to reach its peak performance in the 2018.

Youth or teens love to wear yellow green sneakers, particularly for their daily activities like going to school or college. However, adult men may prefer to opt for pine green or forest green for their sneakers, as they can easily match it with their black or blue jeans or khakis.

Pure green high sneakers are timeless. The design is simple, yet never outdated. As long as they are not broken, you can wear them for good. Other kinds of timeless designed sneakers are white-stripped green sneakers for jogging. They are the best selling shoes, so far, even among men who never exercise at all.

The last but not the least, green canvas sneakers always rock!

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