Personal Essay On The Importance Of Being A Teacher

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A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competence and values. Being a teacher comes with different types of responsibility. It is not a profession with great salaries, but that does not make it any less important. Teaching makes a difference with visual results. To some you'll be a role model, someone they see everyday as they do their parents and someone who is a formal figure. The teacher’s have to set an example and teach how to act and how to be suitable in todays society, as the parents do. This explains the importance of being a teacher. As a teacher you are responsible for about 20-30 kids at a time. That means thirty new names to learn, and new personalities to get to know. You have to learn how to adapt to the individual pupil and what kind of learning-environment that might be the most efficient. Every pupil is different and your responsibility is to make sure they all learn something and may accomplish growth. A common flaw I have witnessed as a student is teachers who does not make an effort. They come to class with a cup of coffee, sits down and puts on a movie. I have even seen teachers allowing their students to cheat. This will not help the students. With no requirements, there will be no hard work. Long term this will affect the students or children grades, but the…show more content…
The apology had to be meaningful, so I had to repeat myself until my apology was genuine. Now that I’m older I see apologizing as more then just a household rule. Family members end up not talking to each other for months or even years because neither side wants to be the first to let go of their pride. But who decided that apologizing was a sign of weakness? In todays society we focus on talking about our feelings. You should not bear grudges and live in your own misery. Therefore, I think we should change our view on

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