Personal Narrative: Poverty Empowered Me In My Life

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Poverty Empowered Me to be Successful Poverty empowered me to want more in my life. The struggles of my childhood gave me the determination to succeed. When I was just three years old, my parents split up, leaving my mother to take care of my older sister and me on her own. To put a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, my mother had to work two jobs and have an abusive boyfriend because he said he would take care of us. My mother became addicted to drugs and after three years she made the change in her life to get off of drugs and be a better mother. She then struggled to leave her boyfriend because of fear of him. The struggle I went through as a child has given me the desire to be more. My past has given me the hunger to fight for my future and the focus to succeed. My childhood was a fight. I have memories of carrying buckets of water for my…show more content…
She is now recovered and is serving in the military, but she has scars from her past that will last a lifetime. I am eighteen and a senior in high school, and I was forced to grow up before my time. During thirteen years of my life we spent very poor or in an unstable household with my mother’s boyfriend, I kept good grades, never got in trouble with the law or at school, and never did drugs, I had baby-sitting jobs and when I turned sixteen, I got a job and held that job for two years. In my life I want more. To succeed I must give up who I am now to be who I want to be. My story of my childhood is not to get pity from anybody; my story is empowering! The struggle and the hard times of my childhood gave me the desire for more. My mother inspired me to fight for what I want, to struggle for what I need, to dream for tomorrow because it just might be a little brighter than today and to make the not so bright days’ worth
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