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Top 8 Good Questions To Ask Your Crush Humans act in accordance to the feelings that we had towards the people that surround us. These feelings may be in the form of hatred, love, infatuation, disappointment or envy. However, not all of these feelings that we feel towards a person are good. Sometimes, there are just those feelings that we do not want to feel towards another because it is bad or the feelings that we feel can never be reciprocated by the other person, just like in love. What is Love? For me, Love is a greatest feeling that anyone can feel especially if that love is reciprocated by the person whom you loved. It is nice to think, isn’t it? However, there are times that other feelings such as crush, admiration or infatuation…show more content…
Ask your crush about his likes and dislikes.
This question is very broad to answer because this will include the movies, music, color, food and etc. By asking this question, you will know a lot from him/her. Through this, you will also know what his/her favorites and dislikes are. And you can know whether you share the same like and dislikes or not that may improve the impression you have with each other.
Asking his/her likes and dislikes helps you dig deeper about him that sometimes through this; you can know his personality through the things that he/she likes. Also, you will feel glad if both of you and your crush have the same taste of interest. Doesn’t that make your heart flutters just by merely thinking about it? Nothing really beats the feeling when you know that you have the same interest with your crush. This will also help you know more about him and enjoy the things that your crush also enjoys.
3. Ask your crush about his longest relationship.
Asking, “What is longest relationship you have ever had?” is really a helpful one for you because you will know if your crush is serious about relationships or not. It is not that you and your crush will quickly jump into a relationship but this is also a better way to know him more. Is your crush a playboy or not? This question will help you understand

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