The Importance Of Respect Is The Key To Success Essay

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Respect is an important life skill needed to coexist with others in our current society. Whether it’s in elementary school or high school, we’ve always been taught to treat each other with respect. Here at JFK, our motto is “respect is the key to success”. The word respect, in my opinion, means to treat each other equally despite their difference in opinions, race, gender, or any other aspect that could skew your opinion on who someone is. I agree with the school motto, however, it doesn’t hold true in our school and can definitely be improved upon. There are many reasons why respect is the key to success. Throughout our lives, we will work with many people. Whether we like them or not, we still need to respect them in order to complete the assignment. For example, a teacher pairs me up with people I dislike. Even though I dislike them, I still have to work with them and treat their ideas and opinions with respect. In school, if I treat a teacher with respect, they might favor bumping your grade up from a high B+ to an A-. When I make friends, I have to be respectful as well. If I act rude and condescending, then no one would want to be my friend. As humans, we are heavily social animals and our level of success in our lives depend on how well we can work with others. Having respect is a major aspect of this social interaction, making it very important. At…show more content…
Whether it’s in school or in the office place, we will always be interacting with others. As our school motto tells us, “respect is the key to success”. In order to make our school more successful, we must improve upon this aspect. The amount of disrespect towards students and teachers are unacceptable. In order to make school a more comfortable environment for everyone, we must take action and stop students from acting disrespectful. Solving this problem will leave even more room for students to go above and beyond to achieve their

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