Personal Essay: Should Teen Parents Attend College?

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When the word teen parent comes to mind, you’ll hear others criticize about becoming pregnant at a young age will ruin our lives by not being able to do activities as a regular teenager, travel and discover the world without any kids, and especially being able to attend college. Well I’m here to prove them wrong, as well to show others that a teen parent can attend college and be a parent at the same time. The challenges I faced this past year in college is, not taking many classes as I wanted too, on top of that not being able to afford the classes due to having bills to pay, feeding and providing the essentials for my children, and also finding the time to study for exams and turn in papers/assignments before the deadline. At times I would like to give up, but I think about the light at the end of the tunnel coming near and seeing the accomplishments and obstacles I’ve overcame to get where I will be as a graduated college student and a teen parent.
I am currently attending Tarrant County College finishing my associate of arts degree, and will be attending Parker University in fall 2017 in pursuing a degree in Radiology Technician. I took a step back of being a part-time student at Tarrant County
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I set a schedule to the time of studying, play time, snack times, and nap times, but it seems the older they get the harder it is too follow the schedule accordingly. My husband and I are currently living with his parents while transitioning into our new home. With the help of his parents, as for himself, I am able to go to school, as well as go to work knowing that both my children are taken cared for. Without their help and generosity, I wouldn’t be able to able to attend college, and for that I am thankful of them by helping me achieve my dreams one step at a
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