Personal Essay: Smart People And The Wise People

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There are two types of people in this world: smart people and the wise people. It just takes book knowledge and memorising to become a smart one. I always wanted to be part of the wise ones: those who are unique, creative, disciplined and experienced. About an year ago, I realised that trials are one of the inevitable steps to wisdom; tragedy and failures are the first steps. I also went through this trial to start my journey to the path of wisdom. Recently I changed my school and joined the new school in middle of the school year where I had already missed a quarter. I felt bad about the fact that a political conflict between two countries affected my schooling. However, I stayed strong and even tried to catch up with what I missed. It wasn’t easy for me to study what I missed because the British and the American curriculum are like the two poles of the magnet: they are different and the way of teaching are also different. I did not know understand what they meant by ‘Functions’ nor ‘Matrix’ in Calculus.…show more content…
Since I joined the school in middle of the 2nd quarter, I had missed the important lessons in most of the subjects and especially the AP courses. I often worried about my grades in the AP courses and sometimes I was depressed and at times demotivated. Since the AP courses were compulsory for the 11th graders, I had no choice but to work hard and manage to cope with the studies. Nights became days during 11th grade year. I had to work extra hours during the nights as well as stay awake during the class hours to ensure that I don’t miss any lectures. It was not easy and sometimes it weakened my strength for Physical health education class practicals. Surprisingly, I managed to keep my grade as A in Physical health education class. I also managed to score good marks in other subjects to receive honour roll consecutively for the rest of the school
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