Personal Essay: Team Game Analysis

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It was a crispy cold Saturday night and the stakes for the game were high. The score of the game was two for my team (JFV Westpfalz) and two for Westrich (my teams rival). It was about thirty-five minutes after halftime and both teams were beginning to get exhausted from the struggle of scoring. My team having the good offense and the rival team having a tremendously good defense couldn’t find a way to score on each other.

The defense of Westrich with no mercy maliciously slide tackled my friend Tamar Holmes who was playing striker. I saw it happen in slow motion when I was playing left wing. I quickly rushed over to my friend who was incapacitated lying on the turf with a very bad twisted ankle. The defender slid into his ankles on purpose. There was so much pain in his ankle he was screaming in agony.

As Gavin and I were picking up Tamar carefully not injure him even more, our trainer called a timeout. We took our friend over to the sidelines to be inspected by our trainer and a medical aid. As the aid and my trainer were inspecting him, I looked over at the other team. Grinning in our direction, their trainer said something in my small but useful German vocabulary “good job boys.” I gritted my teeth at the other team putting my fist in the air saying, “you will pay.”

My Coach said to me, “Tamar will not be playing anytime soon, you will
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I knew if I made this, the game would be over and we would win. “Come on Cannon this is your night!” Said Gavin in a loud voice. I breathed in deeply taking in the crispy night air. The whistle blew and I ran up to the ball kicking it into the right upper ninety. The goalie missed the ball and It soared into the goal. The field erupted with yelling and cheering as I scored the goal. It was the first time in fifteen years that Westpfalz beat their rival

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