Personal Essay: The Average Height Of A Football Player

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The average height of a football player is around six foot two inches, being 5'2'' and playing football can be pretty challenging. I started playing football when I was in the seventh grade, and at first it was pretty simple, but one's high school came along, everyone grew and got bigger, while I stayed the same height since middle school. I love the sport, but no matter how hard I worked , it seemed like my height was getting in the way of my success. Throughout my high school carrier I always heard " only if you were a little bit bigger " or "we need someone taller" , but I didn't let that get to me. I had to over come my height, peoples criticism, and the fact that everyone was way bigger than me.…show more content…
Being the shortest player on the team brought a lot of attention to me, good and bad. Every one loves good criticism , people love the feeling they get when other people acknowledge the good things that they do, but thats where i differ from everyone else. I love good criticism , but its the bad one that makes me want to work hard just so I can prove the crowd wrong. The disapproval of others is one of the juices that wakes me up in the morning and motivates me to get up and do more than what is expected from me. I am a positive person, it is hard for people to get me down , but there are times where people can be cruel and inhuman with their expressions of words. When I feel overwhelmed with peoples criticism, I usually turn to my mom for wisdom and comfort, she was a big help in my development in sports, and she would tell me to never pay attention to the crowed and to be the bigger person. She helped me built character, and also grow up as a person, thanks to her I managed to stay focus on the important parts of the

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