Personal Essay: The Best Football Player

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I came into high school never having played tackle football in my life. I loved the sport but only ever played touch or flag football. To continue doing what I loved, I knew that I would have to take that leap into tackle finally, but I was scared and worrisome. Throughout my life, I was always seen as one of the most athletic people when it came to any sport that was being played. Because of this, I was used to being the star player on all the teams I played on. This was not the case my freshman year. That year I would be chosen to play on the B team, where for half the year, I did not play. Eventually, I would be moved up to the A team, but only for the last games of the season. The next year, my sophomore year, I worked very hard to improve…show more content…
My success this year would catapult me into becoming a captain my senior year, and a player that those younger looked up to for advice and leadership. This is how my leadership is shown. I was once a little kid who no one expected greatness out of, but I used that doubt to fuel me into becoming one of the best players on the team my senior year. My coaches continuously use me as an example of what hardworking, and determination can get you if you are willing to give in to them. Furthermore, I believe that the growth that I was forced to go through eventually helped me to become the best leader I could be. If I were given what I wanted all the time and were put on varsity my sophomore year as I wanted, I would not be able to relate to many of my teammates as well as I can now. The fact that I had to work hard for what I have now makes my teammates more willing to do it as well and makes it easier for me to tell them to work harder so that they can see results. Overall, my struggle helped me to become the best leader that I could be. Many of my teammates can now look up to me as living proof that with determination anything is possible, which will furthermore help them to work
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