Personal Essay: The Characteristics Of Love

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Every girls dream is to marry their best friend, their partner in crime, their world. We dream of waking up next to our significant other every morning and loving them for the rest of our lives. It's kinda a big deal to put someone before yourself. When you love someone your stomach turns, palms sweat, heart races, and your cheeks flush. However, in order to love someone, something has attracted you to them whether that be their smile or their cologne, every girl has something different that arouses them. Some may believe in love at first sight while other may believe that love takes time. Either way something has to attract you to that specific person because there are 7.4 billion people in this world and for some reason you are stuck with just that one. The traits in a person are very vital in if you like them and or your family.
For some people the most important traits might be they have to love to read or
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You could see the wheels spinning in her head. Although, I thought my mom would say things like loves outdoors, loves kids, and is respectful, she actually went on the more sentimental end of the spectrum saying things like honest, funny, and caring because a guy wouldn't be a gentleman if he didn't have these traits. These traits are the definition of a gentleman. A gentleman according to my mom has to be able to tell the truth to his other being completely honest when you are going through the thick part of the relationship. He has to make you laugh even at the toughest times. Lastly, the most important, caring. Your man has to care if you are upset he has to care if you aren't in the mood he has to care about you. Talking to my mom about relationships I have learned quite a bit about love. However, the moral of what my mom was saying to me was that love has no definition. Love is a broad word. Love can cause poison in your brain but in the end love conquers
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